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Emerging from the idea of ​​melting two different opposite poles in the same pot. Emphasizing how close the contrasts actually are, the project visually positions the weapon beyond the masculine thought in society’s perception. Sniper selection has a special place here. As you know, the sniper is one of the key elements that can be positioned in places you cannot see on the battlefields and perform the most accurate shot in line with a certain wisdom. Fate is decisive.

The individuals to whom the sniper is attributed in this collection are real individuals that the Masculine society ignores or feels obliged to hide. Considering that a sniper progresses with the right techniques and patience, has difficult mathematics and gets definite results in the long run. The ultimate existence and social acceptance of the mass to which the project is attributed is an inevitable end.

It is dedicated to the awareness of being Human by going beyond being a Woman or a Man.

Here, a replica of the Dragunov rifle with wooden textures was used in order to break the cold structure of the perception of weapons and to capture the photographic aesthetic in the editing and color tones. The rifle used in the editing is the SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper.

Technical Details

The photographs in this collection were taken with a Medium Format 104 Megapixel camera and the narrative was enhanced by using artificial light supports outdoors.
Shooting with 300W paraflash and 65 cm parabolic softbox includes a fantastic expression with high shutter speed and open aperture values by making use of the HSS feature.