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You can reach the explanatory text about Blinky Portraits from my previous post. I’m here today to tell you the second piece of the collection and its continuation.

“Blinky Portraits II” is the second and final piece of a photographic Portrait project that went SOLD OUT in 9 hours a few weeks ago. As I explained in my previous article, it is an original work that includes the feelings of different people during the pandemic process. now we see the other 15 parts of this narrative.

At the same time, “Blinky Portraits II” is the last collection of this narrative. so it won’t continue anymore. It will be limited to a total of 30 pieces.

Actually, after this, I would like to talk about my goals for the continuation of the process. If we think that collection will achieve success in this project. I plan to continue my presence in NFT with brand new projects and sometimes 1/1 works. And of course, the most important thing for me is to continue using my own contract in future projects.

I will be happy to continue my projects, which have their own story and are technically valuable, at NFT. In this process, there will be a different experience for the people who will take part in my projects.

In the next process, I will go to the system of commissioning the people involved in my projects within the project. This project, which I think will be motivational for creators, will make a micro-level contribution to increasing NFT awareness around the world.

Thank you for taking the time. see you in the next project!!!