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Dom and Abdal from Syria to Gaziantep


    Dom and Abdal from Syria to Gaziantep


Since the start of the armed con ict in Syria, nearly 3 million people have left their country to settle primarily in neighboring Turkey and in particular in bordering regions such as Gaziantep.

The support given by the local and national Turkish authorities takes place mainly in refugee camps to which only a limited number of persons have access.

Although Syrian refugees have been guaranteed access to health care and education since 2014, the fact remains that a large number of them still face severe obstacles in accessing housing, food or employment and are condemned to unhealthy living conditions and make-shift shelters.

The Dom and Abdal, related to Roma but from different ethnic group, are often victims of discrimination. This leads to an even more dire situation and a lack of access to basic services.

This exhibition is presented by Council of Europe in partnership with Zero Discrimination Association.